1. Hosted Services

        Today, most software can be hosted to manage costs such as upgrades and support. You can reduce your onsite hardware and network needs to a few pieces of equipment.?All other processes occur in our state-of-the-art data center, and we become responsible for monitoring and ensuring that systems are running around the clock.

        We provide the flexibility to mix-and-match hosted and onsite solutions to fit your ongoing technology needs.?More benefits of hosted services:

        • Connect to all needed systems remotely over the internet wherever you may roam.

        • Much lower costs associated with growth opening new offices, etc.

        • Zero downtime / seemless connectivity when you move a facility.

        • Centralized management.

        • Centralized data means centralized backup and data protection from security threats.

        • Reduce the need for onsite support

        • Extend lifetime of equipment

        • Using our network investments, solutions can have redundancy and failover protection.

        • Reduce your electricity and IT maintenance costs by eliminating old servers.

        • Pay as you go without large capital expenditures.